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A message from the chairman Mr. Ognian Palaveev                        

Dear fellow townsmen and compatriots, dear supporters of the Bulgarian national spirit, dear guests of Koprivshtitsa!

Koprivshtitsa is a town with a centuries-long history, began in the great time of Medieval Bulgaria, ruled by the kings of the second Bulgarian statehood. Koprivshtitsa was a centre of the Bulgaria Renaissance and the fight for church and national independence during the time of the Ottoman rule.

Today, two centuries later, in the beginning of the new millennium we need a new Renaissance! A renaissance of the Bulgarian national spirit and virtue, a renaissance of the Bulgarian authentic folklore, a renaissance of the Bulgarian entrepreneurship and economic independence. A renaissance of the innate Bulgaria values - freedom, spiritual virtue, longing for progress.

Such a renaissance could be accomplished only by our persistence and dedication, inspired by the patriotism of Luben Karavelov, by the revolutionary flame of Georgi Benkovski and Todor Kableshkov, by the lyrical emotionality and purity of Dimcho Debelianov.

In order to unite the efforts of all patriotic citizens of Koprivshtitsa, and all those who do not live town but are inextricably bound up with it, we established Koprivshtitsa Board of Trusties with the purpose of assisting the economic, spiritual, social and cultural development of the town.

Let us preserve and transfer the ever-burning spirit of Koprivshtitsa to the future generations of Bulgaria, who will live in a new and united Europe, a part of a modern and developed globalized world without geographical borders and political biases.

This is the only way Bulgaria will be able to integrate its national values within the value system of the United Europe and by doing so to enrich and open it towards the beauty of our nature and greatness of our history. 

Ognian Palaveev

Chair of the Board

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